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The staff at Eclips Salon Day Spa in Ashburn are friendly, patient, and kind. I look forward to my appointment because I know I will be treated like I’m special — that means a lot! A lot of places get you in and out as fast as they can. Not here. You never feel like you’ve overstayed your time. No one is rushing you out, or trying to get you to purchase a product every time you visit. On the contrary, people remember you, what you’ve told them before, and always are engaging in thoughtful conversation. It’s just the place I was searching for. It took me too long to find you — please don’t change! - anonymous    

I’ve been going to Eclips for 8 years and I’m always happy, every time I go. The facility is always nice and clean, everyone is friendly, and I am always happy with haircut! Today at work I’ve gotten compliments from every coworker who sees me! - Katie Ouderkirk    

Having a baby did not mean I had to keep a “mommy” cut that was short and easy. I was trying to let my hair grow but was frustrated with the style. My stylist today (Karen) did a fantastic job at listening to what I wanted and gave me a great cut that is going to be easy to manage. I’ve been seeing Eclips for over eight years now and the service has only gotten better with time. - Anonymous    

I have been going to Eclips for over 4 years and have been amazingly happy every single time. I don’t live in Ashburn anymore but drive almost an hour to still go there. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for great service and a great haircut/color/style/etc! - Amanda Nolen    

This was my first time at Eclips Salon, but I’ll definitely return. Everyone there was polite and welcoming, and Nana was very knowledgable. Nana not only listened to what I wanted to do with my hair, but she took the time to assess my styling habits, texture, and other elements that would affect how my new cut would look. After her assessment, she offered several excellent suggestions for the cut that made it look fabulous. Well worth the money! - Susan N    

This was my first visit to Eclips and I will be going back. I saw Jenny and she was fantastic! Initially I was nervous about trying a new salon, but she quickly calmed my nerves and gave me one of the best cuts I’ve ever received. She also told me about their other offerings (because I asked, not because she was pushing anything on me) and I’m going to go back and have one of the experienced ladies thread my eyebrows and upper lip. I can’t do waxing because of my sensitive skin and threading lasts longer. Besides, beauty is pain, right ladies? 😉 I loved my experience there with Jenny, and when I go back for threading I’m sure I’ll be just as happy. Jenny didn’t push any products on me, helped me understand the benefits of sulfate free products (since I’m pregnant) and was very sweet. She spent an hour on my hair and I truly felt I “got my money’s worth” if you know what I mean. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because this isn’t a 5 star ritzy froo-froo salon. - Erin Benavides   

I continue to return because no matter who I see – all of your stylists are professional courteous and do quality work! I have been coming to Eclips for over 10 years! Never once have I left disappointed. Thank you! - Paula Traylor    

Eclips allows for late appointments which accomodates my work schedule. They are kind, professional, and always do a great job. I leave a special ‘thank you’ to Jordan! - Anonymous    

I have been going to Eclipse since the beginning of 2012 and have had a great experience in every visit. There is barely a wait time and everything, from applying the color to shampoo to cut and dry is so synchronized that there is no waste of time. This works out perfectly for me as most of the time I am on a tight schedule. My stylist, Nana does a great job with my hair and the products she’s recommended have worked wonders for me. - Vini Pai    