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Your hair has a pH of 4.5 – 5.5 and needs products with the same pH to maintain beautiful, healthy & shiny hair. Our stylists have years of training and experience in helping you maintain the proper protein and moisture balance that not only looks great but feels great too!

We know you invest a lot of time and money in having that perfect, cut, color and style.  You wouldn’t purchase a luxury vehicle and not purchase insurance, would you?  But many times, we often neglect our precious hair. We know that by investing in the proper hair care regimen that chemicals like hair color, highlights & texture services all last longer. And that the right products can eliminate or control frizz, maintain the moisture balance and keep hair color fresh longer. We just seem to find a way to skip over the “maintaining” step.

Hair is our first impression, a reflection of our personal style.  It engages our senses of touch and smell.   The professional hair care brands we offer are 100% pH balanced & have amazing fragrances – Pureology offers flash fragrances so you experience the fragrances while enjoying the luxurious lather and it dissipates immediately after you rinse.

Our professional products do not build up, therefore you have longer lasting volume and tremendous shine.  Our products are gentle enough to use daily, provide no build up and are concentrated and contain higher quality ingredients, so a little really does go a long way, thus making them affordable.

Want to know more about our professional hair care products and which one is right for you?  Hurry in today for your personalized haircare prescription.  We also carry Redken, the number one premium haircare brand in the professional salon industry along with Pureology colour care start to finish luxury haircare brand.

We know how important hair color is and Pureology has the highest quality ingredients on the market, with hair color protection in every product, has a flash fragrance and is super concentrated for long lasting results.

Ask your Eclips’ stylist to see which Pureology products are right for you & your style goals. New to Eclips Salon & Day Spa of Ashburn? Call today! We would love to have you visit & help achieve the look you’ve been desiring! 703-327-9408