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Ombre is the number one hair color term searched on google every day… so what exactly is it?

Ombre is a technique that gives a bold transition from a darker shade to a lighter shade.  For brunettes, it is referred to as Ombre.  On blondes, it is the least dramatic result and referred to as Somber.

This coloring technique includes no lighter pieces at the crown area and no darker pieces left on the ends. It truly transitions from dark to light to lightest at the ends of each hair strand.

A word from your Eclips Salon professional…. Do not try this at home as it assuredly will not be Ombre but rather what we call homebre and TRUST US when we say you do not want that.

Ombre is a trend that started with Celebrities and everyone has jumped on board, it looks great and can be natural or extreme in the overall look and is very low maintenance.  For Ombre, unless you want to change your color tones, you do not have to retouch every 4-6 weeks like traditional all over color or even every 8-10 weeks for highlights.  You will notice that in spring in summer people tend to choose lighter more vibrant shades and in fall and winter, many choose deeper, darker, rich cooler shades that are ashier.
For more natural results people with darker natural hair color tend to choose dark reds, rich russets, cinnamon tones, warm darker browns; like chestnut, milk chocolate, and even caramel tones.  Some with very dark hair can even go into plums and violet tones.  People with lighter natural hair color do well with softer blonde tones, with ashier icy cool tones like white chocolate all the way to warmer blonde shades like warm vanilla, butterscotch, toasted coconut or soft caramel.  Ready to jump on board with this Ombre’ trend?  Ask our hair color specialist which tone/s accentuate and enhance your skin tones!

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Ask your Eclips’ stylist to see if ombre is right for you & your style goals. New to Eclips Salon & Day Spa of Ashburn? Call today! We would love to have you visit & help achieve the look you’ve been desiring! 703-327-9408