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In our last style blog, we explored the benefits of Balayage. Still not sold on the idea of changing up your hair color routine but know it’s time for something different? Let’s talk Ombre in part 2 of our Balayage vs. Ombre series! Part 2: Ombre Ombre’, the French word for shading.  Ombre’ in fabrics; clothing and hair color ... More

2 Part Series: Balayage vs. Ombre – Part 1

Do you dread the expected regrowth that reveals your roots just a few weeks following your recent hair color service? Are you looking for a new style that’s longer lasting, doesn’t accentuate the regrowth as quickly?  Have you considered the popular balayage and ombre techniques but not sure which would work best for you? Let’s explore ... More

Balayage: Lower Maintenance with Higher Style

Balayage is a French word meaning scanning or sweeping. It is a technique where hair color or lightener is painted, free handed directly onto sections of the hair with no foils. The sweeping technique done by a professional hair stylist with a hair color brush down the hair stand leaves natural darker pieces uncolored. If you are ... More

Ombre: Don’t Try This at Home

Ombre is the number one hair color term searched on google every day… so what exactly is it? Ombre is a technique that gives a bold transition from a darker shade to a lighter shade.  For brunettes, it is referred to as Ombre.  On blondes, it is the least dramatic result and referred to as Somber. This coloring technique ... More

Professional Home Care Products: Change How You Look & Feel, While Saving Time!

Your hair has a pH of 4.5 – 5.5 and needs products with the same pH to maintain beautiful, healthy & shiny hair. Our stylists have years of training and experience in helping you maintain the proper protein and moisture balance that not only looks great but feels great too! We know you invest a lot of time and money in having ... More


2016 Hottest Trends for Prom and Wedding Season

There are many special occasions in our lives that call for us to get all dolled up. The excitement surrounding events like proms and weddings is unique as we find the perfect dress, perfect shoes, and experiment with new makeup looks. But we don’t stop there, we desire a completed, stand-out look from head to toe. From chic updos to free ... More

Colored Ombré Looks – From Sweet and Subtle to Bright and Wild

When it comes to hair color trends, it’s long been the basic practice to go darker in the winter and lighter in the summer. Why not use the spring to experiment with something a little more exciting? As the weather gets warmer and flowers start to bloom, spring brings the perfect excuse to introduce bright colors into your look, whether ... More

Eclips Ashburn Launches New Website

Ashburn, VA, November 2, 2015—Eclips Ashburn announced the launch of its revamped website. This newly redesigned website offers quick and easy access to essential information about the salon and day spa's services, staff, and customer experience. The new mobile-friendly website has a clean, uncluttered design, improved functionality, and ... More