Balayage: Lower Maintenance with Higher Style

is it legal to buy viagra online in the us buy lasix cheap Balayage is a French word meaning scanning or sweeping. It is a technique where hair color or lightener is painted, free handed directly onto sections of the hair with no foils.

The sweeping technique done by a professional hair stylist with a hair color brush down the hair stand leaves natural darker pieces uncolored. If you are looking for a more natural & low maintenance style than ombre, balayage is for you.

Balayage works with so many colors from blonde, to reds and even darker natural hair color.  The closer you stay to your natural level the softer the results will be and longer you can go between touch ups.  Balayage can blend with your natural color so well that it looks like it grows out from the scalp. If you like extreme hair color, Balayage is a not the technique for you.  It is very easy to grow out the color naturally.

This technique can be customized for each person to accentuate our best features, skin tones and diminish flaws.  One balayage is completed, the FUN begins with overlays.  Which color is perfect for your skin tones?

Ask your Eclips’ stylist to see if balayage is right for you & your style goals. New to Eclips Salon & Day Spa of Ashburn? Call today! We would love to have you visit & help achieve the look you’ve been desiring! 703-327-9408