2 Part Series: Balayage vs. Ombre – Part 2

In our last style blog, we explored the benefits of Balayage. Still not sold on the idea of changing up your hair color routine but know it’s time for something different? Let’s talk Ombre in part 2 of our Balayage vs. Ombre series!

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Ombre’, the French word for shading.  Ombre’ in fabrics; clothing and hair color both are where one color shade or tone melts into the next one.  Ombre’ is usually deeper in the scalp root area and lighter on the ends.  Depending on how extreme the hair color trend results you want can be as bold as a completely different color near the scalp several shades darker all the way to the ends being extremely light.  This creates a high contrast look that usually requires pre-lightening the hair and allows a couple root retouches in between, then the overall Ombre’ process is repeated.

Ombre’ works on all lengths of hair.  This technique usually requires 2 or more coloring steps. First, the scalp hair color for the base color desired and then applying the decolorizer.  Many clients wearing the Ombre’ Trend also opt for a glaze or toner for a final more blended look.  This trend requires less maintenance than its sister Balayage.  We recommend a base color applied at the scalp area every 6 weeks or so and more often if a high percentage of gray hair is present or the natural level is considerably lighter than the hair color chosen for this root area.   Then 2-3 times per year decolorize the lengths of the hair to maintain this Ombre’ look longer

With both Balayage and Ombre’ proper home care maintenance is critical.  Using our Redken or Pureology hair care created with hair colorist in mind, to keep your color fresher longer.  We love to use the analogy, we wouldn’t buy a luxury vehicle and not add car insurance.  We do not recommend paying for gorgeous hair color and not using the best in professional hair care to keep the new look fresher longer.

Select Balayage or select Ombre’, either way, you will look stunning when you reserve with our Eclip’s Salon Team!  If you’re ready to change up your color routine, lower your maintenance but up your style game, speak with an Eclips’ team member & let’s get you on the right track! Call 703-327-9408 today to speak with an Eclips’ team member!