2 Part Series: Balayage vs. Ombre – Part 1

Do you dread the expected regrowth that reveals your roots just a few weeks following your recent hair color service? Are you looking for a new style that’s longer lasting, doesn’t accentuate the regrowth as quickly?  Have you considered the popular balayage and ombre techniques but not sure which would work best for you? Let’s explore in a 2-part series the benefits to both balayage & ombre hair color techniques.

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Balayage is a technique that began in Europe in the early 70’s.  In this technique your hair colorist does not apply solid hair color from the scalp to the ends, the color instead they use a sweeping motion to apply color to a small amount of hair color to the hair nearest the scalp and using a sweeping motion the hair color is hand applied down the length of the strand.  As they near the ends of the hair it will become almost saturated with color.  The hair color selection is usually within a few shades of your natural color and it is a much more natural look. The almost sun-kissed highlights effect, lasts longer as the regrowth area is not nearly as visible or solid growing out when using this sweeping motion to apply the hair color.  The hair colorist has the ability to hand place the color in strategic areas to create a nice natural finish and using their creative eye, can be as creative as they want the end results to be.

Balayage works on all natural colors of hair from the darkest to the lightest and everything in between.  This technique works best with the most natural results on longer lengths of hair.  Balayage is great for covering or blending grey hair.  This technique requires a precise, well-practiced application, otherwise, in the hands of a non- hair colorist can result in damaged hair, very dry hair and unnatural looking results.  When done correctly, Balayage will leave the hair beautifully colored, healthy, and shiny hair.

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